DVS Software

DVS Software is a collection of independent contractors and entrepreneurs who have worked on numerous startups for more than 12 years. We have the talent and know-how to take your idea to the next level, whether that level is an online prototype or a global presence.
We have experience in the gaming industry, software development, document management and even emergency response – all with an overriding understanding of what it takes to make a new business work. Regardless of your needs, let us put together the team to make your business successful.
Who can we help?
I see potential partners as those interested in building one or more of the following:

  • An online business tool
  • Conversion of an existing product/service to be web-based (or mobile based)
  • A game or entertainment website

Ideally, I am looking for the entrepreneur that has identified a need and a significant market, and wants a technology partner to help envision the product/service and make it real.
My name is Derek Stottlemyer, and like many in the entreprenuerial realm, this is one of several businesses in which I have been involved. Over the past 15 years I have started my own internet business and been the lead (often the only) developer for several others.
I know that it is a daunting prospect to bring a new business online. Our potential clients or partners have to balance cost, security and the ability to grow quickly if they are successful. My network can provide full technical support, since it includes IT Administrators, Artists, Quality Assurance technicians, e-Commerce Developers, Flex and Flash gurus, and Security experts. We are all independent contractors, but we have strong relationships and enjoy working together. To some degree, we can offer services a-la-carte depending on the needs of the project. A client could benefit from the knowledge and experience of all of us without having to hire a full team.
Several of us have built our own startup businesses, so we are used to wearing many hats, working with limited resources and looking for innovative ideas.
The bulk of our development over the past 4 years has been in virtual worlds (littlestpetshop’s Virtual Interactive Pets, TonkaGarage.com, planetcazmo.com and others). These are 3-Dimensional environments where users create an avatar that explores virtual locations, finds or creates objects of interest, and interacts with other users. There are usually game-type activities they can engage in to achieve various goals.
Other projects I have personally developed include:

  • Highly interactive guitar and music-related software that is sold online.
  • 3-D visualization software of specific buildings and their key structural features used by police and fire departments to better prepare emergency responders with site information.
  • A document management tool for a real estate attorney that automated much of the leasing process. It improved communication and process efficiency enough that the attorney’s capacity (clients and income) tripled.


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Are you interested in finding out more or discussing your vision? Please contact Derek Stottlemyer at
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